As soon as I asked for your list my mind raced with possibilities of enacting every single item. Or as many as I could make work authentically as possible.

But most of all. I wanted you to go to the place I go to when you take the lead. For you to experience that detachment from reality into a free fall of joy and pleasure. I wanted to give your body those sensations. I wanted to explore every single inch of you. Hunting for hidden spots of sensitivity. Hoping to unlock new arousal scenarios. Based on touch. But also the dynamic of me taking the lead.

I’d forgotten a little what it’s like to spend prolonged moments just giving pleasure. Undressing you started to stir warmth deep inside my cunt, which was longing to be touched. But I knew I would have to wait. And that anticipation started laying an erotic foundation for the morning.

My lips wanted to know you. My tongue. My hands. Your soft, smooth skin. Every contour. Until I could not bear it any longer and removed your underwear. Taking a few seconds to gaze at your elegant cock. I didn’t dive in immediately. I didn’t want to give away how greedy I felt. I licked around. Kissed you. Making the area wet. Teased my fingers around. Then took you in my mouth and greeted you the way I would always like to if I’m honest. Me on my knees.

I caught you peeking from under the loosely tied blindfold. “I like watching,” you said. I rose up, whispered in your ear, “but today is about feeling. Not being distracted by watching.” Your compliance on this took some minutes. But soon I had you laid down on the bed. Facedown. While I continued to adoringly stroke your body. From your heels, calves and thighs, lingering around that taboo crevice between your sumptuous buttocks. I moved up to your back. Stroking, massaging. I continue to moisten your hole. Delicately. Teasing. When I introduced the oil, I straddled you in my thong. Rubbing my already moist gusset into the tops of your thighs, while I applied careful pressure to your muscles. Going up to your shoulders and neck but always homing in on your arsehole.

While my devotion to your pleasure was real. Equally was my desire to conquer that arse. In a careful but skilful manner.

After dripping another layer of cold lube over your hole, already wet from my tongue, which had probed and moistened you, I pushed my finger in. Gently. Massaging around. Feeling my way. Watching for when your body twitched so I could sense which movement and area were the most sensitive.

All you must have heard next was me reaching and grabbing something then the light hum of the mighty silver bullet. I replaced my finger with this devious device, teasing your tight little entrance with it. I checked in as to where you were with the sensation. Wondering to myself how far I could go.

By this time you had sunken into the experience. So I reached for the small silicone attachment, more lubrication and stroked your back, kissed you, while I eased in our new friend. My cunt dripping with each of your soft groans and each time I pushed it in another millimetre. Until it was all the way in.

I softly ask you how it feels. Amazing, you say. I continue to caress you. And realise for a more holistic experience I really should have you in my mouth. I want you to feel stimulated as intensely as I could offer in that moment.

I rolled you over. And dutifully take your full length in. Sucking you until you get harder and harder. Pushing you in deep into my throat. Occasionally bringing my fingers down to move the vibrator plug. Occasionally sucking those perfect balls and licking all around that general area. I’m trying to imagine what you’re feeling. And my cunt is getting warmer and warmer. You tease her, stick your fingers in slowly. And I moan. The more I moan. The more I suck. It’s like a circle of pleasure from my mouth to your fingers.

After a while of this back and forth teasing. I release my breasts. But that’s not what I’m offering. I remove the pillows so you’re lying flat. Remove my thong. Straddle your face and lower me onto your hungry mouth. You are most skilled at orally pleasing a woman but it’s me that has the control. I rub my lips up and down your lips. Pushing down for some light pressure on my clit.

Of course, I cannot resist taking you in my mouth again. The glorious linkage of a 69 makes my stomach flip with joy. Everyone is being pleasured at the same time. Your naughty fingers tease my hungry little arsehole too. Making me generally wetter and wetter between my legs. And the wetter I become. The more sexually free I feel.

And with that freedom, I pull away from our 69 to straddle you. I feed you my breasts. Smothering you in them. Urging you to suck my nipples. Harder. And harder.

I hold your gaze as I straddle you and tease your cock against my soaking slit. She’s been teased until she can bear no more. I want you inside me. I want to push myself down on you. So I control the depth and position. So that I can rub my clit against you, my opening and blend my own pleasure. You devour me switching between breasts and my mouth. You take my hair. Pull my head back as I ride you. I close my eyes. Feeling you tense between me. And now it’s me who has taken myself off to that place.


While I’m lost, straddling you, my wetness increases, until I’m rudely awakening from my trance by you slipping out of me. I need to catch a breath and fall by your side.

But you have other ideas. Turning me on my front, starting to bring yourself into my wet cunt from behind. I paused to remind you of who was supposed to lead our dance but you turn my argument back around in that calm authoritative tone that stirs me every time. I am firmly reminded of whose day it is and that you can take from me what you want. Instant waves of pleasure rush deep through my cunt on hearing those words. And I embrace exquisite helplessness, as I resign myself to the fact I cannot argue back.

I feel you go in. Skin on skin. I feel the electricity of sensation and the forbidden once more. I’m impatient. I want you deep. My vaginal walls attempt to clamp down, I push back my behind, testing which position gets you as far in as possible. You grab my back and shoulders, pull my hair, taking what you want from me.

As I’m drifting away, I feel a sharp pain on my buttocks as you swiftly smack them, hard. I cry out in pain. This is a reminder of my slut position. The pain is more intense than usual but it turns into delicious channels of bliss melting into every nerve ending.

You lean over, whisper in my ears “you dirty…cum…slut” “dirty bitch” and with those words the weight goes from under me. You push my legs together, and start to tease my tight second hole. I’m in a state of begging. The words, the slaps, the teasing. I am steadily approaching the brink of exploding, holding every sensation deep within my cunt.

I am whining as you rub your cock across my slit, opening up my cheeks, pushing the head against both holes. I wriggle towards it, trying to make up your mind for you, but wait…you hold my hair and I hear you spit and feel it dribbling into my ass, then my cunt. Spit again. On my back, on my face. The combination of feeling wet and degraded satisfies the divine slut in me. I feel free.

In that state of freedom, I bring my fingers to my clit, as you continue to own my cunt with your cock. The thrill of potentially being reprimanded for touching myself creates delicious anticipation but you approve of my actions, urging me to pleasure myself. And I go to work. Feeling you fuck me harder, your rhythm speeding up, using my body, grabbing what you want, when you want.

In a moment of pause, where you are out of me, I am desperate to taste myself on your bare skin. I lean in and take you gruffly. Licking every drop of my juice on and around.

Lean back over the bed, you command. I squeal with pleasure, as I know what is coming next…


I can’t explain what it is about being leant back, being dominated in the mouth.

The position is vulnerable. The fact I have no control or ownership of the cock moving in me. The thrill of being gagged at any moment. It’s peak sexual dominance.

The anticipation in my body is palpable. You ease yourself into me, slowly at first, speeding up, slowing down…you clearly have no interest in instant gratification. This is a prolonged tease, bringing me deeper into submission.

You reach down to my cunt. She has become a highly stimulated touch-point from the preceding sexual activities, capable of controlling my reflexes like a puppet. Your fingers go in, rubbing the tender spongy entrance, one piece of my pleasure puzzle. You slide your cock deeper down my throat, touching the back, triggering the reflex that involuntarily releases my body. Including previously hidden juices from my cunt. You’ve unlocked me. And seem to delight in repeating the gagging just to watch my twitching body react to your control. With each gag and thrust of the fingers, I cannot hold back. I’m releasing more of myself with each squirt. In fluids and submission. Giving in to vulnerability.

With a crescendo of thrusting from your skilful fingers, my body concedes and frees my pleasure. In a way, I have never known. My eyesight blurred, my body limp, I gradually come to. I feel you caressing and cradling my body, urging me to hold on to that moment and revel in the multitude of sensations gripping my body.

It’s a peace I have only known in these moments. But as I come back to reality, I realise my bladder is knocking uncomfortably on the door to be relieved.

Once I verbalise this, there’s a wicked glint in your eye. “Well let’s go then,” you smile.


As I’m led to the bathroom, my mind flashes back to when we first met. That glint in the eye was the same. I still get extremely aroused, remembering watching your face in between a woman’s legs, your keen tongue pleasuring her at my behest. Occasionally shooting me a lustful look, with your mouth fully occupied. You walk towards these moments to throw yourself into the experience and feel where it leads.

I’m nervous. We’ve broken away from an authentically flowing sensual experience to enact a fantasy. It’s the first orchestrated moment of the morning. But that is your special talent, turning the planned activity into the erotic. Your exploration into your sexuality fuels your motivation.

After deliberating how and where it will work, you swiftly instruct me to demonstrate the position. I get on my knees, knowing full well this isn’t a trial run. I look up at you and slowly I embrace this new level of slutty degradation. My pussy is throbbing, as you cover me with a stream of warm urine. You meticulously direct where to own me with your piss; breasts, neck, face. I close my eyes and feel the wetness. Each splash, each moan is setting the extreme needs of my sexuality free. I don’t feel taboo or shame. I am finally fully revealed. Sexually bare.

But still, I managed to feel impatience. That consistently raging fire inside me clearly not extinguished by your juices. I was desperate to taste your cock, tacitly solidifying my piss slut status. I obediently devoured you, wanting to lick you clean.

Still reeling from the experience, my moist skin wickedly glistening in the bright hotel bathroom light, I move to reciprocate. I wanted to taste myself on you. As you had written. I wanted that list of fantasies to come to life and become a part of who we are, who we could be at any given moment together.

It’s my turn to cradle you while on your knees, I release myself over you. I watch as you accept my warmth, over your torso. Being sure to sprinkle your cock adequately, as I work myself up at the thought of sucking you again after. This is a moment of mutual baptism. A promise to be true to our desires and not run away from who we are, sexually.

Without thinking, once more, I take you in my mouth. I am tasting myself on you while being acutely aware of the slutty wetness in my hair. My body is sated and alive. I breathe deeply with satisfaction at my newfound freedom. You are now stroking your cock, working yourself up to releasing all the sexual energy of the morning all over me. I want to taste your pleasure. I look up, flashing my round green eyes, begging.

Your body convulses, you let out sharp gasps of air, panting and groaning. I feel your hot creamy cum covering my face, my breasts, my tongue. I gently glide in to lick your cock clean, grabbing every drop I can find. I want to digest you. You move in for a passionate kiss, tasting yourself on my lips and tongue.

As I casually chat away, under the warm shower, you’re watching me. Smiling. We switch places and I wash you meticulously. And while I ensure you are scrubbed back to normality, I cheekily smile to myself. Because nothing can scrub the experience from our minds.

With every experience, every fantasy we enact, every move, touch, toy and arousal, we are not crossing things off the list. We increase the possibilities like musical notes being arranged and rearranged.

More importantly, by being this free and creative we continue to uncover previously hidden or unknown parts of ourselves. Getting us closer to understanding and acceptance.


As I replay the morning over in my head to capture everything with my rough, unpolished words, I also reflect on the moments that made me feel the most alive. And the most understood.

Ten represents the 10th meeting, by my count. 10 in numerology represents completion, renewal and starting again.

And this experience was a rebirth. I came away feeling more like myself than at any point in my life. And I am not afraid of this. I stand in it. Owning it.


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