Abundance and deprivation

As my skin touches the hot water in the two-person pool, I close my eyes. Feeling every nerve ending adjust to the temperature of the water. Some people pass by occasionally. Talking in low voices. But I lose myself in deep relaxation. Moving my naked body occasionally to feel the sensation of the water touch my most intimate body parts. I am alone. And waiting.

Still with my eyes closed hear someone quietly climb into the pool beside me and a voice whisper in my ears, “don’t open them”. A voice I am all too familiar with. One that has whispered numerous commands in my ear. One that reminds me of my true sexuality by calling me “cum slut” and “dirty whore”. A warm glow permeates around my clit, pulsing through into my vagina. And back again.

Suddenly a pair of lips on my lips. Forcing them apart and I welcome in your tongue, pushing in, conquering my mouth passionately—a reminder of who my body belongs to in those moments.

“Keep them closed” you tell me. I have no intention of opening them. And even though it’s forbidden in the hot pool, I feel your hand push my legs apart. Your fingers tease my lips. Up and down. Gently brushing my clit. While you continue to kiss me. My body is awake and mobilised. My cunt is aching for more. But you continue the tease. Enjoying the control. Occasionally stopping kissing me, I can only imagine watching me squirm.

You discreetly thrust two fingers into me. It’s a determined thrust. Pushing deeper with each entry back and forth. I’m holding back moans. Knowing full well we would be told off by staff if we are discovered.

After what feels like an eternity of toying with my cunt, now very supple from your opening. You pull back. “You can open your eyes now,” and as I do, I see you smiling—a look of extreme knowing and satisfaction.

“Time to go upstairs,” you declare, I smile back at you. Never really knowing what you have arranged or have planned. Never privy to the conversations you have with willing participants in our beautiful bubble.

As I climb out of the pool, I feel your teeth sink into my wet buttocks hard. Like you’re branding me. The pain sends a quiver down my thighs, my cunt throbs.

We head upstairs to the venue’s famous restrooms. They are small holy temples to lust with everyone worshipping inside. The large lockable room is taken. Perhaps that wasn’t part of the plan. I search your face for clues. But you shrug and take me to the mirrored room. Where the door doesn’t lock. And there’s a makeshift viewing gallery for people to watch others at play.

Usually, I like a bit of private time with you beforehand. But my stomach flooded with excited butterflies at the thought of being immediately on show.

You instruct me to remove my towel. Sit facing the door with my legs apart. My smooth femininity exposed.

Flirting with the spa rules somewhat, you tie a silk blindfold around my eyes. And take another silk tie, pull my wrists together at the front and tie them.

“Now sit there. And don’t talk slut.” you quietly but firmly command. I was told to lift my hands slightly, so my cunt is on show.

And I wait.

I’m trembling with anticipation. You have left the room. And I have no idea what is happening. I feel the air on my labia. My nipples are hard and erect from arousal.

After a few slow minutes, I hear the door go. And feet shuffling. Then the squeak of the leather from the bed area I am sat on. I try to count the number of feet from their steps. I can’t.

I then feel hands. Caressing my naked body. Pulling my legs apart wider. Fingers stroking my clit and lips, teasing my entrance. I feel lips. On my shoulders. On my neck and back. Then your lips on my mouth. Your tongue in me. Taking control. But also showing me, I can trust in what is about to happen.

Suddenly I feel cold spiky metal on my inner thigh. Someone has the pinwheel. They push the spikes into me firmly and apply pressure while rolling it. My body is spasming from the pain. You recline me to laying. My tied hands are moved above my head. But not by you. As I can hear you at the other end of the room, talking. I can’t hear what you’re saying. Sounds like instructions.

I feel a mouth on my right nipple. Sucking hard. Then another mouth on the left nipple, lips teasing and tongue flickering over it. Playing with the nipple. Teasing it with their fingers occasionally. I hear one man remark on how beautiful my breasts are. And you agreeing. Urging him to take his turn, sucking them.

With hands and lips and mouths, I estimate 5 men in addition to you. All worshipping my body. But also ready to use it for their own pleasure. At least that is what I hope.

As I adapt to the rhythm of the hands, fingers and lips all over my body. I feel a tongue dive into my cunt. I can tell immediately from the rhythm and groans it’s you. Taking the first taste for yourself. Before offering me up to be shared by others. Dominating my hole as it belongs to you at that moment. You will decide what happens to it from this point.

You compliment your tongue work with fingers. Opening me up. Two fingers first. You encourage another man to spit in my cunt to wet it so you can shove in more fingers. Three. Then four. Widening me. Getting me ready to receive whatever you want to watch me receive.

You ask one of the men to untie my hands. Then beckon me to go up onto my knees. Still blindfolded. You whisper in my ear, “open your mouth slut” and your beautiful bare cock slide between my lips. I suck eagerly. Taking your buttocks into my hands to push you in further. “Wow, she’s impressive,” I hear one guy say. And secretly pleased at this endorsement I put on even more of a show by gagging and gasping. Salvia dripping from my chin.

I sense people standing around me. You withdraw your cock and tell me to turn slightly. “You’re going to suck more cocks now slut”, I go slightly weak with a pang of arousal. But diligently receive the next cock in my mouth. He is bigger. Longer. And chokes me instantly. But I persevere. Using my tongue to stimulate the head and frenulum. Softly groaning as I take him as deep as I can. He is rock hard.

On to the next. Slightly limper. So my mission is clear. I’m to get him harder. I hear him moan as I enthusiastically go to work. Applying gentle pressure with my lips and pushing my tongue flat to create more stimulation.

The next cock is girthy. I loosen my jaw to fit him in. He has already some precum which I lap up and tell the room how delicious it was.

I turn and suck the last two alternately. Holding one cock. Sucking the other. And switching. They come together and shove both their cocks in my mouth.

“She’s such a hot slut,” says one guy. Which brings me to the edge of arousal. Without a single finger being laid on me.

After sucking six cocks I’m yearning for them inside me. But I’m not in control. And wait patiently for the next chapter.

“Good girl” you whisper in my ear. After I finished sucking the last two guys. You offer me your cock again. Shove it in my mouth. And fuck my face. “On all fours, there’s a good slut,” you order me. And as I bring my knees up and expose my arse, I don’t have time to adjust before a cock slides into my pussy.

It’s the girthy guy. And he’s hungry. He thrusts quickly. Mercilessly. I have to steady myself to stop me from falling into you as I’m still sucking your cock.

You pull your cock out, and another is shoved in my mouth. I put my hands out to find another for my hands. A man obliges, and I stroke him while being fucked hard in my cunt and deeply in my mouth. The two guys change places at the front. This time he takes me head. Holding it in place as he thrusts deep to the back of my throat. As I’m gagging, I feel squirt release from my cunt.

The girthy guy is replaced by another cock. He’s slower and teases me with his head. I feel you spit on my arse and it dribbles down my crack. While the guy is easing his cock into my pussy you are fingering my arsehole. “Let’s get this hole ready, shall we?” you say teasingly. I let out involuntary moans.

I hear the door open. And more feet shuffle in. I’m being watched. My insides tremble at the thought that they will get aroused from watching. Even join in. I instantly ramp up my performance on sucking and rubbing cocks as I am now being fucked at a faster pace. And your fingers in my tight begging arsehole are bringing me to the edge.

The guy in my cunt withdraws. And you bring your bare cock up to my arse. Teasing me with it. You edge in the head. And I breathe through adapting to welcome you. You move bit by bit. Until your shaft is fully in. And your body is pressed close to mine.

I hear the furious sound of a guy rubbing his cock near my face. I can hear him groaning and gasping. I recognise that moment. He’s about to climax. “Over her face,” you tell him. And with that, he releases warm jets of liquid over me. It drips on to my neck. I can’t resist licking my lips to taste him. He thanks me. “No, thank you,” I breathlessly respond. Still panting from my oral efforts and relentless being fucked by you.

You’re deep in my arse by now. Owning it. Like always. I am sucking on another cock. I’ve lost track of them all by now. Just letting my mouth be used for pleasure. Sacrificing my body up for physical gratification whilst simultaneously layering each sensation, each niche erotic situation over each other in my mind and throughout my body.

My stamina is being fuelled by pure adrenalin. And the lust within me. The desire that has always been there to express myself in this way freely.

And while I am intoxicating with these emotions, I feel you abruptly whip out of my arse…leaving me empty and wondering what is going to happen next.

Part 2 – Deprivation

There is no one remotely near me now. Not in my mouth, my arse, my cunt. I flit from feelings of extreme hunger to extreme satisfaction. As I know full well how much you relish this tease of deprivation. I hear low voices from around the room, which most certainly includes yours.

I am still on my hands and knees. My behind exposed. I feel a warm body approach me from behind. I feel a hand slide between my buttock cheeks and slowly stroke my wet smooth anus and burrow a finger into my partially stretched hole. They are not your hands. The fingers feel wider and larger. My insides are tossing around frantically with anticipation. Today, I am yours to control fully. And you are offering up my most sacred of holes, usually reserved for more intimate encounters. But now to be shared to whomever, you decide.

I feel a firm head rub against my eager asshole. As he slowly slides into me, my eyes widen. A slight burning sensation as I realise it’s by far the biggest member of the group. I take deep breaths as he stretches me.

He moves slowly in and out to start with. Mindful to not hurt me. Intuitively pacing himself to deliver pleasure as well as receive.

“How does she feel,” you quietly ask.

“Beautifully tight,” he moans.

After slowly thrusting for a few minutes, he pulls his cock fully out to reveal my gaping hole. I sense bodies moving closer to where I am bent over on all fours. And soft moans of approval from the gathering group.

But. There is still not another hand on me. I am being watched again.

I hear a sharp spitting sound and feel a warm spatter of liquid in my gaping hole. Then another spatter. Then another. He enters me more brusquely. Thrusting harder. I hear him pant.

He quickly pulls out. Holds my buttock cheeks open. The delivery of spit is repeated.

But despite being fucked beautifully by this gentle giant, I’m agitated. I feel my brattiness rising. Because at this point, surrounded by beautifully hungry men, I want more. But you’re depriving me.

I impulsively speak up. “I want to taste someone now,” I demand.

I feel my hair being grabbed, and my head pulled back. It’s you. Your mouth comes up to my ear, you breathe first, without saying a word. Then murmur quietly, so only I can hear, “Dirty slut. You will get cock when I say you can.”

This act of control sends sparks to my loins. Pushing sensations down through my thighs and up through my belly to my heart which almost bursts.

You continue to withhold for a few more minutes. Until I silently start to feel hands on my skin. Caressing my breasts, shoulders, neck and face. One hand even reaches down to my cunt and rubs softly between my lips and up to my hood.

I feel a finger draw up and down my ultra-sensitive back and I jump so sharply, the man taking my arse slips, out. He skillfully slides back in and continues to thrust, building momentum and speed. I feel his hands tighten their grip on my sides. That all too familiar end game in sight, his breath quickens and I hear him gasp loudly. I feel the warmth of his juices against the barrier between us. And his hands go soft on my body, his breath turning to sighs.

I have barely time to gather my own breath when another figure moves towards me from behind. And another hard member enters this stretched and moist hole. In another millisecond, my head is held up and a cock placed to my lips.

Hands continue to roam my body. Groans and moans circle the room. Shuffling and rubbing sounds come from the back of the room where I image people standing.

This cock wastes no time. I receive him with ease, and he moves urgently. He is more vocal than the others. Grunting with each thrust, he is much more brutal with his approach. A roughness I am absorbing joyfully into every nerve ending.

My energy is waning, but my appetite pumps more adrenalin around my body. I have no desire to stop. In fact, at that moment, I don’t know how to.

As this keen participant in your deviant ceremony unloads inside me, he secretes a primal groan as he releases. At the same time, my blindfold is removed. As my eyes come into focus I see you kneeling, facing me. My eyes meet yours. And a lustful smirk washes over your face. I smile back and flashing my eyes. You lean down to kiss me. It’s more gentle and caring than earlier. Lips on lips. Tongue delicately flickering against mine.

“You perfect anal slut,” you whisper, so only we can hear. “How many more cocks can you take, I wonder?”

And you nod to another participant to enter my now throbbing anus.

Part 3 – Abundance

You bid me lay on my back and relax for a short while.

I can feel my anus throbbing gently from the penetration. My heart is beating forcefully in my chest. My breath is slow and deep.

I close my eyes and feel hands softly stroking my shoulders, moving down to my breasts. A mouth delicately takes a nipple. Fingers burrow carefully between my labia, teasing my clit.

There appear to be new faces around me. I have lost track. I lazily survey the remaining. Catching their eye, moving my gaze down to their loins to see who is hard. Their eagerness, their arousal, refuels my excitement. I revel in abundance.

I notice one guy, solid as a rock, a cheeky glint in his eye. You notice me, noticing him, “suck him” a simple command, which sends a shiver of excitement down my spine. I immediately get on my knees and oblige. Looking up at this gentleman while I take him deep in my mouth.

You hand him a condom. He calmly rolls it down his shaft, assisted by my knowing hand, checking to secure it to the base. He lays down, and I go to straddle him. But I hear you tutting from behind me. And your forearms wrap softly around my neck pulling me back. “Turn around,” you instruct. I straddle the guy, now facing you,  “You know what to do,” you look at me and smile.

I ease this super hard cock into my supply arsehole. And slowly move up and down on it, until I have him deep in. The guy is moaning softly, as I move a little faster, trying to keep my balance. You lean in to kiss me, rubbing my clit, teasing my cunt which is getting wetter and warmer by the minute. He’s holding me in place, just above my waist. My breasts are bouncing gently. Occasionally a hand comes down to fondle them, which increases my arousal and triggers me to thrust myself harder and a little faster.

You guide my body into a deeper recline, still with this hard cock balls deep. You hold my shoulders, indicating me to stop moving, as you tease my cunt with the head of your now hard cock. You part my glistening smooth lips and place the head just inside, holding your gaze with mine and smiling, wickedly.

I want this so much. I am whimpering pathetically, beggingly, mouthing the words please and pouting my lips. You pull out. Then push back in, this time a little further. The guy in my arse starts moving his hips, fucking my arse at his own pace.

You watch him fuck me. Then start to ease in and out, matching his pace. Then with one big thrust, you’re deep in me, right to the base of your cock. I yelp, as the guy in my arse follows suit. Both cocks pummelling me hard.

I close my eyes to focus on the sensation. I can feel my arousal points in my arse and cunt being teased beyond my control. The pleasure is mounting in me. I won’t be able to hold back for long. But I want the feeling to last. I want to be explored inside and stretched while doing it.

My eyes open suddenly, as I feel another cock head being placed near my lips. I dutifully take the cock, sucking deep with each thrust in my cunt and arse.

I am deliciously filled.

And I suck and feel the penetration between my legs and cheeks; I feel a tension rise in my belly. The walls of cunt tightening around your cock. I’m groaning hard on the cock in my mouth, the sound reverberating on his flesh. My clit is alight with joy. My thighs break out in goosebumps.

The guy in my mouth releases warm splashes of cum over my face, and that is the trigger.

I let out a primal yell as my body releases, over the edge and into otherspace. Waves of pleasure grip every nerve ending. Like being plunged into a warm, sweet pool under bright sunlight. My brain disengages. My eyes cannot focus.

My next conscious moment is being scooped up by you. And laid down. My skin is wet with cum. It seems more had released over me while I was lost in climax. I am trembling. My muscles feel weak. But my lungs and heart feel strong.

The room empties. Sensing that I am satiated. You hold me. I thread my legs in between yours, so we are locked in a bodily embrace. That raw nakedness we adore. Soaking up every last ounce of physical pleasure. Connected by the intensity of the experience.

This is our work of art. Abundance and deprivation our tools.

And we both know at that moment, this is just one of many creations for an exhibition still being curated.

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