Airtight Adventure

I’d been invited to a campaign party for a local councillor. On the face of it, the party was to raise money for the candidate’s campaign fund but the host of the party liked to spice things up for their guests. Or so I’d heard rumours.

So, I decided, as a precaution to dress the part. Tight red dress, asymmetric neckline with a long sleeve. It wasn’t short, I didn’t buy into that style but it was tight around my arse and hips but more importantly round my breasts. Large, round, held up by a beautiful red lacy bra that just poke out above the neckline.

I plied on the red lipstick, the kind that doesn’t smudge or come off when I drink or do other things…

I’d invited two of my campaigning colleagues to the party, Michael and David. As I shouldn’t really turn up solo and certainly needed to bring a member of the opposite sex if the rumours were true about the campaign parties.

We’d never fucked but I knew at least David was up for it. Michael, I wasn’t so sure. He was a student from Romania and his English wasn’t so good, still learning. But they were fresh meat for the festivities. Hungry for the politics of change and maybe up for more.

We meet at the house where the party is being held. I’m their ticket in, so they wait outside. “Hey guys, are you ready to have fun?” Perhaps they knew what I meant, perhaps they’d heard the rumours too.

A lady dressed in a trouser suit answers the door, white shirt, unbuttoned lower than it should’ve been. Her delicious cleavage just catching the light as she beckons us in. “Look what you brought…?” I explain I’m with the western ward campaigning team and she nods, “I know who you guys are. You’re doing a tremendous job! Thanks for coming” She adds there are drinks in the kitchen, nibbles in the open plan reception room.

It’s a large converted Georgian house which had been renovated with style. A winding staircase started in the hallway before the open plan lounge and diner. It had a red velvet rope across it and a sign “no access for guests”. But I could clearly hear sounds from upstairs.

Michael fetches me a gin and tonic, lime and plenty of ice. It’s cold going down my throat.

We make the rounds, chatting to colleagues, prospective donors.

Then across the room, I see you.

I had a feeling you would be there but wasn’t sure. Your presence also confirmed the rumours.

You catch my eye and I walk over. You’re talking with an older couple, smartly dressed – she has an impressive diamond necklace and lots of bling adorning her fingers. ‘Donors,’ I think to myself. You’re laying on the charm. Talking about a community project which helps ex-servicemen get into professional education and thriving careers. I introduce myself and thank them for their support.

With our backs facing the wall, the couple can’t see one of your fingers caressing my arse, gently. They keep chatting until you make your excuses for both of us, “I promised to introduce her to a few people” They nodded. The husband watched us walk away – perhaps watch me.

You bring me into the study, there are people in there but it’s quieter than the main reception room.

“I have a surprise for you,” you whisper in my ear, fingers still circling my arse. I smile. “So the rumours are true,” I reply. “I’ve organised tonight’s entertainment with you in mind,” you respond.

My mind is racing. So, it’s been you all along. Organising the ‘entertainment’ facilitating the extra-curricular fundraising.

“What’s the plan?”

“Uh-uh, you won’t know until it’s time”

I brought some friends pointing through the open door across the room to Michael and David, who are talking intently to two very beautiful women. One was young, early 30s, long blonde hair, curvaceous. The other was older, middle-aged chic, glossy brown hair to her shoulders, svelte and wearing designer jeans with a blazer. I smile to myself. Yep, that’s David’s type, I’m sure.

“When,” I ask in a slightly frustrated tone. Let’s face it, I didn’t come to the party for all night politics and sucking up.

You walk away, almost laughing. I speak to a few more people, have a few more gins. I hovered around the stairs to listen to the upstairs noises. But I must have imagined it, I can’t hear anything.

Around 10 pm, I notice people start to leave. Not everyone but the room visibly emptied. There must have been 20 or more people left. And then I see you handing out notes to the remaining people. Some couples, some singles. A variety of ages and body types.

You thrust one in my hand. “This is what you need right now, dirty bitch” My pussy warms again. Fuck, it doesn’t take much for you to excite me.

I open it up. It simply says, ‘Airtight, room 3’.

“Please go to your rooms people, the night is about to begin” you shout.

“Where is room 3?” I ask.

“Upstairs, to the left,” you’re almost bursting with laughter. What on earth have you got planned? Does it mean what I think?

When I get in the room there are instructions. ‘Take off your clothes, put on the blindfold, lay on the bed’.

You don’t have to ask me twice. I hungrily strip, tie the blindfold tight enough to block out light. I lay on the bed.

Silence. Nothing for at least 5 minutes. 5 whole minutes. I can hear giggles, pants and moans from other rooms. This is torture. I need to be touched.

My nipples are rock hard from the excitement. My pussy already warm and wet. I start to rub myself. Turned on by the joy coming from the other rooms.

“STOP what you’re doing!” Shouts a voice. It’s you. You tut loudly. “You cannot be left alone for 5 minutes, can you? Naughty bitch. Apologies to our friends.”

“Sorry, it’s just…”

“That’s enough from you.”

I feel two people approach, your voice coming from the back of the room. Who the fuck are these people?

I feel a head bend down to my face and kiss me passionately. It turns into a completely dirty kiss, tongue forcing down, a little bite, lots of saliva. Wow, that was hot.

Then I feel two hands on my tits. Softly massaging them, pressure increasing, then a mouth taking a nipple in, sucking, biting, licking. But where are you? I know neither of these people in the room are you? I know they are male, as I can feel the roughness of their chins. But they don’t have your smell or technique.

“Now you may touch yourself bitch,” you say. Still at the back of the room. I lean down and start rubbing my pussy. At this rate, I won’t last long but I’m determined to make it last.

My hand is pushed away, to make room for a head between my legs. I feel a tongue part my pussy lips and start lapping slowly. A hand pulls them apart gently, so the licking can go deeper and up towards my clit. I go to moan with pleasure but someone takes my head and sticks their hard cock in my mouth. I’m moaning, whimpering. But I must hold back. Absolutely must.

“Stick two fingers in, she likes that” I hear you say. You’re directing them! WOW. “That’s it, deeper and lick the clit. Oh yes. You like that bitch don’t you?” You know I do. How many times have you fucked me at work, starting with my pussy, sometimes getting 3 or 4 fingers up until I squirt?

The cock in my mouth is beautifully hard and a good size. The man fucks deep into my throat. He takes my hair and guides my head up and down.

“Well gentleman, this is the Airtight room. So we have work to do.” You say.

“I want the arse, I always want the arse. The other holes are for you to choose”

“I’ll stick with the mouth,” a voice says. It’s David. Oh my God, it’s David. You planned this all along. To think I was naïve enough to believe it was my idea. You knew him from the campaign and invited him to come with me. That’s why they said yes.

Could the guy between my legs be Michael? I reach down to touch his hair. Oh. My. God. It is. I mean I dreamed of fucking him in particular but didn’t think he was interested. His thick Romanian accent simply says, “Pussy is good”

“Right then, let’s get to work” I’m ushered to move on to Michael who has already put on a condom and is now on the bed. “Keep that blindfold on dirty slut, I don’t want you to know exactly what is coming,” you command.

I climb on top of Michael, lowering my soaking wet pussy on to his hard cock. It’s warm and a perfect fit. I moan as I reach the length of his shaft into my pussy. Balls to pussy. I move slowly, teasingly. Michael starts to moan.

You pull my hair back and stop me from moving. “No bitch, you’re not in control” You’re positioned behind me and start rubbing my arsehole. I start to moan really loudly. “Shut her up,” you snap. And a cock goes into my mouth. Oh, this was glorious. My deepest fantasy is about to come true and I can hardly believe it. I don’t know where to put my focus. Pussy or mouth. I suck and tease David’s beautiful cock. Michael starts to buck and push his cock into my pussy.

I feel your hands on my back, lowering me down. David repositions himself to keep his cock in my mouth. He’s kneeling on the bed from what I gather. We’re diagonally on the king-sized bed so that everyone can have a piece of me.

I feel your cock head against my puckered arsehole. It’s tight and quivers under your touch. You stop and whisper “Are you ready for this? I’m going to fuck your tight arsehole while your cunt is filled”

“Yes, yes pleeeeeeease” I beg.

You don’t waste any time. Your cock goes in and I’m full to the brim. Everything tightens up. Michael’s cock is fighting to stay in, so I tightening my pussy walls to clamp him in. You are showing no mercy and go straight to fucking, deep, right to the base of your cock. Balls to arse hole. I feel you slap into me.

I’m beginning to lose focus in my mouth, so David grabs my head and starts to take control, fucking my mouth and throat, pulling out rhythmically so I can breathe.

“That’s right boys let’s fuck this bitch airtight like she’s always wanted. You have my permission to go for it, cum when it feels right.” you groan.

It’s difficult to know who’s ready to cum first. Everyone is hard, frantic and building pace. I want you to be last, always. So I can savour that moment.

David pulls away from my mouth, I can hear him groan and sigh, panting fast, then warm sticky sweet cum over my face, lips and neck. I taste it, bringing in what I can with my tongue. He places his cock back in my mouth to lick clean, “Gently,” he warns.

I don’t have much time to enjoy it before Michael thrusts into me. Even through the latex, I feel his warmth. Yes, I would have liked that on my tits but given you’re locked tight and deep in my arsehole, there’s no choice.

“Don’t move,” you change positions and hammer down to that elusive anal g-spot. You know exactly where it is. Exactly.

While you’re working away on my arse, Michael is licking and sucking my nipples. I’m on fire. I won’t hold out for much longer. I whimper and you’re your signal that I’m close.

At that very moment, you slow down but go really deep, pulling out slowly but going in as deep as you can. I can feel your body tightening around mind as with one last slow and hard thrust you release your hot seed into my tight anal cavity. I cum hard, pussy juice gushing, my back sweating.

You stay inside me for a few minutes. Licking the sweat from my back. We slowly separate bodies but David has moved off the bed but you, me and Michael, lay side by side. You remove the blindfold. I smile at Michael who is facing me, David who is getting dressed. You’re cupping my tits and kissing my neck. Michael gets up to leave. “You two need more,” he states in his rough accent.

I hold out my hand, I don’t want him to leave but he’s right. I’m not finished with you…

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