The Adventures Of Madam G

I am Madam G. A woman who has been married to the same man for 20 years. A woman with an insatiable sexual appetite and a desire for new experiences. These are my stories.

I married quite young. Sexually I was quite naïve and inexperienced. My husband, Ash, was too. But he had the same passion for learning. Perhaps this is why after 20 years of marriage we are still together, stronger than ever. But it wasn’t always plain sailing.

After trying almost everything sexually two people could try together, our fantasies started to feature other people. We were at a crossroads. Either we suppress these urges or play out our wildest fantasies. What do you think we did?

Chapter 1 – Crossing Boundaries

Our very first threesome was nerve-wracking. At first I was disappointed how cool my husband appeared to be. But when I touched his arm in support, when we arrived at the hotel, it was clammy which for him, meant he was nervous too. We chose a boutique hotel in the next town, where no one knew us. We found our third on a reputable website for embarking on this kind of experience. This is where my alter ego Madam G was born. We chatted with our chosen third person for a few weeks, every evening. We even indulged in some steamy Skype sex.

Although my ultimate fantasy involved another man, my husband wasn’t ready for that. I equally had never had an experience with another woman. Not even a fumble in the dark at University or a misunderstood French kiss with a friend. I loved to watch well-made pornography, involving women pleasuring women. Alone or with my husband. I was aroused just thinking of my first venture into a Sapphic tryst.

Sheryl was a similar age to me, smaller in height with long flowing chestnut hair. She had curves in all the right places. In our virtual sexual exchange, she wore a silk chocolate brown corset and nothing else…I was hooked. Ash sat behind me on the bed, cupping my breasts, rubbing my clit while Sheryl watched. She held off acting on her aroused stage until my husband put me on all fours, entering me from behind. I locked a gaze with Sheryl, looking deep into her eyes, only closing them to slowly blink from the pleasure. As my husband speeded up his thrusting rhythm, she couldn’t hold back any longer. Pushing three fingers into her mouth, back and forth to lubricate them before shoving between her legs. As she slid back and forth inside herself her breasts popped out from the top of her corset. They were more than a handful, her nipples hard, as they swayed with her movement. She broke her gaze with me as she came. At which point my husband released himself in me. He kissed and caressed my back as his heart rate began to climb back down. I sought Sheryl’s eyes, as she showed us her glistening fingers. Rather predictably she licked her fingers and smiled but I loved it. At that point I knew I wanted to taste her.

But despite the warm-up over the last fortnight, we were both apparently, nervous. As we opened our hotel room and key card light switched from red to green, I almost bolted back along the corridor to the lift. Ash took my hand, squeezed it and just as I thought he was becoming a little too sentimental, he pulled me into the room and onto the bed with the other hand. He held my lips to his, slowly pushing his tongue down my throat, searching, sucking, yearning. He undid my coat, lifted my top, pushed my bra up to release my breasts. He licked and sucked my nipples until they were hard. Then he stopped. Looked me in the eyes and said, “Are you wet?” I nodded.

“Then you’re ready,” he smiled, “and I can’t wait to see you lick another woman’s pussy.”

I nearly came on the spot. It was about to happen. One of my most powerful fantasies. Guaranteed to bring me to orgasm each time we talked it through.

Then there was a knock at the door. Ash looked at me in anticipation. This was it. This was the line and we were about to cross it.



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